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Whey Protein Isolate

Finely and hygienically processed Whey Protein Isolate is particularly the mixture of various globular proteins that are separated from whey. Owing to rich vitamins and mineral content, it is used for controlling the cholesterol level of body and to reduce the triglyceride levels. Acclaimed for purity, rich taste and effective usage, it is low in carbohydrate protein supplement and totally free from lactose. The whey protein isolate is used as a dietary supplement and as an alternative medicine. Besides, owing to its excellent anti-cancer properties, it is also used for the treatment of various diseases.

Analytical Test Report

Color White / Creamy Powder
Flavor Typical
Texture Fine
Moisture 4.95
Protein % ODB 93.20
pH (10% 2/v Solution) 6.80
Fat Content 1.10
Total Ash Content 1.80 % Max
Acidity 7.15
Scorched particles (ADPI Disc) 15 mg A
Bulk Density 0.60
Insolubility Index 0.1
Lactose Monohydrate 0.1
otal Plate Count per gm 1800 max
Yeast & Mould / gm < 10 gm
E.Coli/gm Absent
Coli form / 0.1 gm Negative
Salmonella / 25 gm Absent
Staphylococcus aureus Absent
Listeria monocytogeneus/gm Absent

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