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Cocoa Powder Zindal 301

The alkalised cocoa powder is processed using pure roasted cocoa beans with fat removed from them. It has natural cocoa smell with 11-14% of fat content value and carries less moisture content of 6%. The reddish brown to dark brown color alkalised cocoa powder is bitter and strong in taste and is processed by adding an alkalizing agent such as potassium carbonate. It is used in the preparation of various bakery products and can easily be mixed with natural powders. As alkalised cocoa powder have all its acids neutralized, so it does not react with baking soda unlike other acid ingredients such as citrus juices.

Analytical Test Report

Colour Dark Brown
Odour and Taste Natural Cocoa Smell
Fat Content Value 10 - 12 %
pH 6 to 7.2
Fineness (Through 150 Mesh) >99.5%
Moisture (%) Less than 5%
Total Ash (%) Less than 10%
Total Plate Count per gram Less than or equal to 5,000
Coliform per 100 grams Less than or equal to 90
Yeast count per gram 15 maximum
Mould counts per gram 50 maximum
E-coli per gram Negative
Salmonella in 25 gms Absent

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